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About Me & What I Do

Hello. My name is Lewis Hart, and I am a youth councillor for Wakefield. Within this role, I aim to give young people in my community a voice through a variety of means, including discussing them in Youth Parliament meetings. My manifesto aims to deliver the following;

  • Ensure transport links between home and school are affordable, safe & fit for purpose – Especially in rural areas.
  • Improve access to youth provisions, including transport, cost and stereotypes.

During this year, I will work on the Wakefield Youth Council’s priorities, which were voted on by represntatives from area forums and youth councillors. These priorities are;

  • Homophobia & Mental Health
  • Racism & Bullying
  • Better Sex Education

I will also work with the Wakefield Youth Parliament & BYC group on this years national campaigns which are;

  • Votes at 16
  • Cirriculum for Life (C4L)

If you would like to contact me to discuss any of these points, or any comments or concerns you wish for me to bring to a meeting, please send me a e-mail via the contact form on the contact page, or via a social network listed on the contact page.